Bale wrapper


Bale wrapper OW 50/75

It is designed for use in stationary mode and connected with a tractor via the three point linkage. Bale wrapper is driven by a hydraulic motor from tractor’s pump. It is equipped with an universal foil feeder of 500 mm and 750 mm width. The bale wrapper can be equipped with reliable bales layer and a knife to cut foil off. It is equipped with a practical counter, showing the current number of wraps, and hydraulic valve responsible for soft start and stop of the wrapper.

Bale wrapper specification

Bale wrapper drive hydraulic motor
Required tractor power 30/40 KW/KM
Diameter of wrapped bales 1200/1600 mm
Max width of the bales 1300 mm
Max weight of the bales 1000 kg
Dimensions (l.x width x height) 2700x1100x1715 mm
Mass 580kg
The width of foil 500/750mm
The number of layers of foil 24x16
Counter of wraps Electronic
Montage Three Point Hitch

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