Slurry tankers


In order to ensure the quality of slurry tanker Agro-Max company applies high standards of agricultural machinery production. The purpose of such actions is, of course, customer satisfaction and fulfilment of their specific needs. The highest quality is the main characteristic of our slurry tankers. Its extremely wide range (single axle and tandems slurry tankers, both types of different capacities), the highest production quality and unification provides a solution to every problem associated with spilling of slurry.

Assembly of components is carried out according to detailed plans and strict procedures, ensuring the maintenance of an uniformly high level of quality throughout the year.

Custom production is our strong side.

Slurry tankers are covered by 12 month warranty

Slurry tanker - operating principle

The functional concept of slurry tanker is based on the vacuum system. Chosen for its low susceptibility to wear, simplicity of operation and small size, vacuum pump has double protection: transparent, hexagonal, high-capacity filter serving as a siphon, and an anti overflow valve. These two elements, made in an unique way, prevent any slurry return to the pump.

Slurry tanker - additional equipment

In addition to baseline option many other elements can retrofit slurry tanker. Tt serve to simplify use of slurry tanker, enhance its strength or modify its operations at both the compression and splashing. In the case of interest in this additional equipment, please contact us. Not all additional devices are suitable or even not always recommended for all models. Proper selection of additional equipment should be made according to the selected type of slurry tanker. Helping with this is one of the main tasks of Agro-Max representative. Our specialized team will help each of you to choose the most appropriate set of equipment according to your needs.

Slurry tanker meets the requirements of the Council Directive 2006/42/WE and the Minister of Economy Regulation of October 21 2008 (Journal of Laws Nr 199 pos. 1,228) on the essential requirements for machinery and safety elements, as well as harmonized standards.

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