Single axle


 Specifications and standard equipment:

  • The tank is made of sheet with 6mm thickness, it has additional reinforcing rings.
  • The construction of the tanker - galvanized frame.
  • Hot dip galvanized tank, inside and outside. JOSKIN Trzcianka.
  • Inside the tank breakwater with reinforcing frames.
  • Compressor MEC6500 M exit fi 80 mm.
  • Ball valve two-ball fi80 shutting off slurry inflow to the compressor.
  • Manovacuometer.
  • Lower catch at the height of 40cm, or top catch.
  • Screwed, rotary hook TMW Wyszków.
  • Mechanically controlled parking, lateral support, carrying capacity to 4 tons.
  • Speculums 4”,  3 pcs. or tubular water gauge fi 90.
  • Top opening fi 200 mm.
  • The lighting system required by traffic regulations.
  • Basic brake - pneumatic.
  • Additional brake - manual.
  • Hose 6"(fi 150) with a sucking basket - sucking hose length  6 m.
  • Closed rear bottom (welded closed) dimension fi 1400 mm with two camlocks 6”. Can be opened.
  • The main drain gate valve diameter 5", hydraulically controlled.
  • Second drain gate valve fi 150 mm with camlock and quick coupler 6” Perrot.
  • Bottling device  – PERROT JOSKIN 6”.
  • Side camlock 6” on the left side with manual shutter 6”, with quick coupler 6”.
  • Back camlock with manual shutter and quick coupler.
  • Powder painted metal fenders.
  • Vacuum and overpressure safety valve.
  • Certificate of compliance CE.
  • Warning triangle, cock indicator.
  • Side ladder.


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