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Disc harrow / disc aggregate - specification
2,5 2,7 3,0 4,0 rigid
Weight1000 kg
Weight 1080 kg
Weight 1200 kg
Weight 1400 kg
Spacing 85 cm
Spacing 85 cm
Spacing 85 cm
Spacing 85 cm
2,5 with hydropack 2,7 with hydropack 3,0 with hydropack 4,0 with hydropack
Weight 1200 kg
Weight 1230 kg
Weight 1350 kg
Weight 1550 kg
Spacing 70 cm
Spacing 70 cm
Spacing 70 cm
Spacing 70 cm

Discs 560 mm – Maintenance-free hub – Crumbler/string roller as standard


Packer roller, v-ring roller

Disc harrow – characteristics

  • The aggregates are intended for pre-sowing soil cultivation, as well as for soil cultivation in a simplified system (tillage with sowing in one working pass, after ploughing).
  • They can be used for soil cultivation with the selection of crushed post-harvest residues and short stubble.
  • They are made of two rows of discs with a diameter of 560 mm.
  • Discs secured with rubber shock absorbers 35×1 90 mm.
  • The rake angle is 20 degrees and the inclination angle is 15 degrees.
  • Two rows of toothed discs ensure complete undercutting of the soil and intensive mixing of crop residues and straw.
  • Behind the discs there is a choice (tubular, toothed, roof or packer roller).
  • Aggregates are characterized by an uncomplicated but solid construction and simple adjustment, refinement of construction details, materials selected appropriately to the load on the working structure of the unit.
  • Side screens
  • Easy to service design, simple replacement of worn parts.
  • Stable strong frame.
  • The compact design makes it easy to transport on public roads.
  • Large working depth range: from 5 to 15 cm.
  • Maximum operating speed 12-15 km/h.
  • The construction of the units is made of materials that do not pose a threat to the natural environment.
  • Nice and durable colours of machines (all powder coated machines).
  • Proven on European markets.